BRUH, it's Mike :)

and I'm looking for a special female companion.

Are you The One?

I'm NOT looking for a wife or a one night stand.
I really want this woman to be my friend.
Someone to just run around and do errands with. And cuddle with.
I am prepared to live the rest of my life alone, but it would be nice to have a special female friend in my life. I'm looking for a best friend I can love.

Get to know me with some of the info I post below. (Will definitely be updating throughout the year). I do anticipate spam and trolls.
Once I find "The One" this website will be gone.

About me:
I'm 50 years old. I want to make the most of the time I have left.
I'm 5 foot 6 inches tall
I am biologically male.
I'm debt free.
I like to peel of sticker labels on products.
I'm a omnivore.
My anxiety is managed well.
I take a LOT of supplements. It's fun.
I don't use earbuds and only a headset at work.
I only work 40 hours a week. No more, no less.
I can eat a lot of foods "cold". Not heated. Warm is nice too.
I am ex-mormon.
I'm an introvert that has to be an extrovert.
Unless it's an emergency I don't drive more than 4 miles over the speed limit.
I reuse Walmart bags for trash cans.
I love taking long bubble baths.
I always carry a pocket knife and flashlight. I also carry a small cross-body bag.
I'm not a homeowner, I rent a small studio and don't want to leave the state I'm in (and not really the place I live at either.)
I work First Shift
I'm not opposed to tattoos, but I don't have any.
I like dogs and cats but I don't have any of my own. I DO have a pair of silicone jelly fish I consider my pets though.
I keep my hair short and have a beard.
I'm not above taking condiment packs at convenience stores when needed.
I'd rather talk with someone in person than over text or on the phone.
I'd rather have serious conversations in person.
I don't want to create new children.
I weigh 209 lbs. A little tummy.
I'm agnostic. Interested in Stoicism.
Asian American
Suicide Survivor
Fully Employed (over 20 years at current job, I've had only 2 full time jobs my whole life so far)
I make under 45k each year
I'm not into crypto, though I'm familiar with it. But really not interested in it.
Divorced (married once) father of 3 adult children and 3 grandchildren <3
I'm diabetic
I don't care much about football. Or mainstream sports in general.
I don't "cook" I "create". I just make simple, albeit different, foods to eat. But simple is always the best.
I don't own or watch a tv, but am not opposed to watching a movie or something with a friend. I watch a lot of YouTube on my tablet instead.
I'm not a regular go out and eat type of person, more of a let's celebrate your birthday or we are out and about and need something to eat type of person.
Chipotle is "High End" to me.
I'm not opposed to guns, as long as the people who have them are of sound mind.
I rarely cuss.
I'm striving to live a more minimal lifestyle.
"WOKE" is a good word.
I don't drink, or smoke or do recreational drugs, now prescription drugs are a whole other thing.
I believe abortion is something between a woman and her doctor.

My typical sunday:
TRY to sleep in.
Enjoy a day of drinking coffee.
Load of Laundry
LONG bubble bath
Pick up the place a bit.
YouTube (movies, video essays, music and shorts)
Various mobile video games to play
Snapchat, Facebook
Sending memes to work email (to post later to websites)
Sometimes visit Grandbebes and daughter.
Sometimes take son to work or pick up from work.
Sometimes hang out with my youngest daughter.

My Bad Qualities:
I say "bruh" ALOT.
I have to actively fight the urge to hoard things.
I don't think I'm THAT obsessed with frogs.
I can get hyper fixated on new things. Like currently it's K-cups.

My Good Qualities:
I'm loyal, prompt, dependable.
I have a good work ethic
I'm not looking for a place to live.

My hobbies:
I'm pretty much a homebody. Other than going to work, running errands after work (and days off) and visiting family, I'd rather be at home.
I don't gamble. I might go to a casino for meal, maybe spend $20 on slots, but generally I don't gamble.
I'm not opposed to going to the movies but I'd rather buy a movie and watch it at home then go to a theater.
I love visiting my Grandbebes <3
I hang out with my adult kids regularly. My social circle pretty much is my family and a few co-workers.
I like to go and do "life" things. Like making a day of going to a doctors appointment and shopping for groceries.
I'm watching a lot of "Vivian Tries" on YouTube.
I play mostly phone puzzle games, currently playing Mini Mini Farm. I don't own any video game consoles.
It's not unusual for me to sit in my car after work and play mobile games for a while,
I maintain a few simple websites, mostly to show off memes. To nobody in particular.
I have use facebook but mostly to steal and post memes mainly. I'm not very active as far as socializing online.
I DO use Snapchat a lot to communicate.
I enjoy a cold Diet Mtn Dew on occasion (but never when driving.)

Things I like (and don't like):
I don't like crowds.
I like 1.0 gel ink pens.
Diet Mountain Dew is my favourite energy drink.
I've never used a food delivery service. (ubereats, doordash, etc.)
I like Marvel better than DC.
I love clam chowder
My favourite flower is the butterfly pea.
I like street corn cheetos and kettle cooked chips.
I like perfume that smells like fruit or food (baked goods). That's what I wear. I don't like the "Manly" chemical smells of cologne.
FiveBelow sells a great peach scented body spray and Walmart has a great Strawberry Shortcake scent spray, both of which I will wear.

My Music tastes:
A variety but right now I'm listening to a lot of 90's boy bands for some reason.
I like Songs versus Artists.

What I'm seeking in a woman:
Of Legal age for some nooky down the road.
Must be employed and have own vehicle.
No cooties.
Biologically female
If you are comfortable eating a rotisserie chicken with me in the car that's a plus.
Believes Covid is real and vaccines can work.
Someone who likes to try new flavours of things (chips, cookies, etc.)
Someone who lives in near or in Kansas City or is willing to move to the Kansas City Area.
Employed and not looking for a place to live.
Not a drinker, smoker or recreational drug user
Not married or in a relationship already. And no getting divorced. You have to already be divorced.
Someone who would enjoy just spending the day hitting up Dollar Trees and getting a cheap/affordable lunch.
Is not opposed to eating leftovers.
NOT a MAGA follower
Not religious or spiritual (no astrology either)
Any race
Embraces frugality for survival reasons.
Enjoys regular sexual acts but it isn't the main goal in life.
No Gold Diggers (I have no gold)
Understands diamonds are not rare.
Has a Social Justice mentality but also understands that life is meant to be lived and at the end of the day there isn't much we can immediately control.
Is ok with getting something to eat at Walmart Deli.
Is ok with shopping at Walmart, Dollar Tree and wearing Crocs on occasion.
Is it okay with breakfast for dinner sometimes.
Who can wear make-up but would rather not. Or wears light amounts of make-up.

IF you are interested, please start a conversation with me below:

bruh bruhjump bruh jump

Email me at [email protected]

Alternatively you can find me on facebook.

816-467-4767 8164674767 816.467.4767 #memememefrog

816-467-4767 8164674767 816.467.4767 #memememefrog

what is frogspotting? what is frog spotting?

What am I trying to accomplish with this website? I'm really searching for that special someone to spend my life with. I want to be bluntly honest here without doxing myself. And definitely is up for being a cuddle buddy+

I'd rather be alone than settle for less.

I'm looking for a best friend I can love.

ruto rutojump ruto jump

kaeute #kaeute

If you feel like its a lot of hoops to jump through to get to know me, well, it's because we live in a world of scammers. You'll just have to take the time to get to know me and I'll be more than happy to reveal more of who I really am to you.

I'm just as wary of you as you are of me.